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Glasplaat Animation
Glasplaat animation for online workshops Openfloor (introduction).
Podcast 'de Fluisterlijn'
Ludieke fluisterlijn over de Tweede Kamer verkiezingen 2021. Te luisteren op: Spotify, Apple, Stitcher, Soundcloud.
RaRoRi Reality - 360°stop motion
Children's art installation at the festival ITGWO.
Developing: 360°stop motion
Developing a 360°/VR experience for children.
For documentary: ‘Als ik je zie dan groet ik je’ about restorative justice. Broadcasted on Dutch Public Television and upcoming on Dutch film festival.
360°/VR Film in 48hrs
Made in 48 hrs to discover with filmmakers, what you can do with 360 filmmaking.
Children's art installation
Made with Stop Motion. In collaboration with Zaou Vaughan. At: ITGWO, Cinekid, Fantast.Children filmfestival, Tweetakt Kaap, De Vrijstraat.
Giving Workshops
Creation and facilitation of film and animation workshops on stop motion, lip dub, silent films, VJ and ego portraits. Especially for young people.
Redaction & Editor
Documentary ‘De Duivendrechtse Disney - A Businessman's Idea of an Artis’. On Dutch Public Television and several film festivals in Europe, USA and Canada.
Final edit for a fiction film made in Eindhoven: ‘Niks aan de Hand’.
Animation The Big Draw
For the festival The Big Draw I made a flyer-animation. And one as a collaboration with the visitors of their drawings.
Video Installation
A fitting room installation. For the exhibition "Think you out of your inbox", which travelled across the country.
Animation: Verwaterd
A week-long collaboration with other animators on the subject 'Generation'. Our team won the Golden Waffel.
Video Mapping: InSideOut
Video projection from inside on all windows of a big school building.
Animation: Ranimatie
Leaders and promo’s made for Ranimatie festival in Rotterdam for the cinema.

Title Animation
Movie-title for 48hrs "Il Pecatore!" with stop motion.

Animation: bicycle
just a sunday afternoon
Film-promo for theatre group ‘Stijle Wand’.
Co-operation between Artist
Filming and editing with dance en theater artist in Italy.
Film & Animatie: "Yes, Sir"
Director, animator and editor. Made for the 48hrs project.
Presentation: Quarterly Overview
Intern presentation about how first quarter was goning.
Animation & Greenscreen: The Window
Film coach
Film portrait from canta-driver for open-air Cinema Eye A’dam
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